Circle of death (STL version)

Put a full beer can in the middle of the table, fan a deck of cards around the beer. Randomly pick who goes first and continue clockwise from there.
Cards 2-4 – take yourself
Cards 5-8 – give out
9 – bust a rhyme
10 – catagories (ie beer- bud light, sam adams, etc)
Jack is thumb master (if you put your thum on the table the last person to do so drinks)
Queen is question master (if you ask someone a question they must answer you in a question or else they drink and if they do answer in a question it goes back and forth until someone slips up)
King – you make a rule(ie you cant use the word drink, or you cant cuss or you drink)
Ace of course is WATERFALL
VARIATION- if you want you can put all the cards except jack queen and king under the tab of the full beer can after you pull them until someone pops it and then they must CHUG the whole beer. Also if you break the circle you must CHUG the rest of your current beer.
(Thanks Ian)


A fun drinking game created for those rare three-person drinking nights, Flux revolves around a central playing surface. Upon first or even second play, it may seem complicated, but comes naturally shortly after.
To start, the cards are spread in the center for th “War Round” and the first person (designated “The Dealer”) draws a card along with the person to his left (let’s call him “Doc”). The Dealer and Doc lay their cards down face up. The lower of these two cards (Ace valued as 14, King as 13, Queen 12, Jack 11 and down to 2) drinks the difference. For instance, if Doc draws a 3 to The Dealer’s King, Doc drinks 10. Next, the step is repeated, only with Doc and the third player (how about “Marty”) each drawing and laying a card. After the difference is consumed, Marty and The Dealer each draw a card, with low-man drinking the difference, then the cycle repeats until each player has four cards. At this point, a 3-man War is declared and all three players draw and play a card, with each of the two lower players drinking the difference between their respective card and the high card played.
As an aside, if at any point during this “War Round” two players should draw both draw in the same turn equal cards (ex: Doc and Marty each draw and flip a Queen at the same time), the player who first yells out “Great Scott!” is the winner of the turn and the losing player must drink the added amount of each card (24 drinks, using the Queen example). During 3-man war, the “Great Scott rule” comes into effect only if there is a draw-tie for high card.
During the “War Round,” the players should line up their exposed cards from left to right, starting with their first card drawn and ending with their last. The draw pile is removed and these three rows are pushed together to form a triangle, with each player behind his or her line. Inside the circle, four cards are dealt by The Dealer, face down –on at each of the corners and one in the center. This is the “Flux! Round” because it was at this point that Flux! gained it’s name since, if done right, the layout looks like that of Back to the Future’s Flux Capacitor. The Dealer then flips the corner card directly opposite his row. If the card matches any card in his row, he gives out the amount listed; if not, he drinks the amount. This portion continues with Doc an Marty doing the same with the cards directly opposing their rows. Once all three corner cards are turned, the center card is revealed. If any player has a matching card in his row, he may divy out the added amount from the corner cards (if the corner cards are Ace, 3, 9, the center a Queen, and Doc has a Queen, he gives out 26 drinks…14+3+9).
Next a “Suicide Round” is dealt with one card on each of the outside corners of the triangle. Again, the player draws the card opposite his own line but this time, if he has a matching card, he drinks the amount. If he doesn’t have a match, it’s simply a free round.
At this point, the system repeats itself, only in the second “War Round” the five cards are dealt face down to each player, underneath their row of face-up cards.
The “War Round” proceeds again, followed by a 3-man war. There are two differences from the first war round, however. If a player should draw a card and that card match his already exposed card directly above it, he has met his former-self, and must drink the doubled amount of his drawn card (if Marty, on his second draw, turns a 9 and his second draw in the first War round also yielded a 9, he would drink 18, on top of any differential penalties if he should also lose the war round). If however, a player draws an 8 on top of another 8 (like drawing an 8 in his third draw of each round) he has successfully reached 88 miles per hour, must say “Let’s see if you bastards can do 90!” then hand out a combined 90 drinks to one or both opponents. And yes, the “Great Scott!” rule is still in effect.
Another “Flux! Round” is dealt much the same way as the first. However, in this round, a player’s second draw-row counts for double drinks. So, if Marty draws a 4 as his corner card, and has a 4 in both his first and second row, he would give out twelve…4 + (4*2). Again, after all three corner cards are turned over, the center card is turned. This can get someone very drunk if it plays out correctly. As we know, if you can match the center card, you give out the added amount of the three corner cards. Furthermore, if you can match it from your second row, you give out double that amount. FURTHERMORE, if you have multiple matches (say, perhaps, three 7s in your second row, with the fourth 7 in the center) you would give out three times two times the sum of the three corner cards. Theoretically, if in the second “Flux! Round!” it worked out so that each corner card were an Ace, and for the hell of it, the two was the center card and you had three 2s in your second row, you would disperse 252 drinks!…42 (Ace*3) times 2 (because all matches are in the second row) times 3 (because you have three matches) equals 252. This etremely rare instance would be the equivalent of “disrupting the space-tiem continuum.
After this, another “Suicide Round” is dealt…ALSO AA CARD IS DEALT FACE DOWN IN THE CENTER OF THE TRIANGLE. Again, in the “Suicide Round” nothing happens if you don’t match the card opposite your rows, and if you do match, you drink the amount…times two if it matches in your second row.
The final card to be drawn, dealt to the center at the beginning of the second “Suicide Round” is THE FLUX! CARD. This is simply a social card, in order to bring the game to a friendly close, that each of the three players must partake of. The Dealer exposes the card…he, Doc and Marty raise their respective glasses/cans/fish bowls, say “One-point-Twenty-One Gigawatts!” and drink the amount designated by THE FLUX! CARD.
Fun drinking game, fairly quick, get you drunk game. Flux!
(Thanks Kevin)

Circle of Death (PA Version)

Grab as many players as possible, 3 to 6 are the best range of people. You place the cards face down in a circle. (this drinking game is played by suit)
Any person may start it doesnt matter. You flip over cards and place them into the center. Continue around the circle until someone gets a heart (which is automatically designated the beginning suit).
You count up the number of cards in the center including the heart and drink that many. When you are done drinking the designated amount of sips, you then must 1. call the next suit, 2. place down your glass, 3. then flip a card.
Should you place your cup down BEFORE you call a suit, you must drink the same amount again. If you do this twice in a row you must finish your drink. this continues until you get low on cards, where you will then take the used cards and create a circle around the drinking pile, and continue the game as such.
You get drunk, you win! You see everyone else get drunk, you win!
(Thanks Amy)


This is one of “those” drinking games that get you insanely drunk pretty quickly.
To start off, you pick someone (at random, i don’t give a fuck who it is) and tell them to call out a suit. You flip a card and if it’s the suit they called, they drink so many drinks 2-2..3-3..4-4..ect. jacks 11 and queens 12. If the suit does not match then you continue to flip cards to the left of the last person until the suit called is shown. not to the counting. Say you have 10 drinks, you don’t use your judgement on what exactly a drink is, people count 1..2..3..ect until 10.
Thats why it’s called bastard, you can be a bastard and hold your number as long as you want. If it’s your drink, you can also be a bastard, if you slam down your beer (if you finish before they finish counting) the person who was supposed to say the a number next, picks up all your drinks and drinks 10. If they finish counting, you say a suit, then put your beer down, it continues to your left ect ect. there is no end you can restart the deck however many times you need to.
This is a mans drinking game, i’ve seen it played through a deck as many as 10 times over.
(Thanks Kevin)

Drinking Blackjack

This game requires that at least one of the players be versed in the rules of casino blackjack. Since it’s blackjack we’re talking about, it helps to use as many complete decks of cards as are available. Otherwise, people will be able to count cards without much difficulty, and the dealer will get f-cked. The game, however, can be played with one deck.
If you know the rules of blackjack, the game’s pretty simple. Here are the rules:
1) A dealer is selected.
2) Each player “bets” a number of drinks.
3) The dealer deals himself and each player a hand, starting with the player to his right. The dealer checks his hole card. If the dealer has been dealt a blackjack, each of the players drinks twice his/her bet. If one or more players is dealt a blackjack, the dealer drinks twice the amount of his/their bets.
4) The game proceeds like a normal game of blackjack, with the dealer dealing around the table to the right. Doubling down and splitting are allowed.
5) Each losing player drinks the number of drinks he/she has bet. The dealer drinks the amout of the winning player’s bet. If more than one player has beaten the house, then the dealer drinks the amount of the highest winning bet.
6a) If one deck is being used, either (i) the person to the right of the dealer becomes the new dealer when the deck is through, or (ii) the deck is shuffled after every game and is passed to the right of the dealer whenever the dealer beats all players.
6b) If multiple decks are being used, then the deck is passed to the new dealer on the right whenever the dealer beats all players.
(Thanks Charles)

Fuck the Dealer

What you need for Fuck the Dealer drinking game: deck of cards. 3 or more people. best with about 6.
How you start: someone grabs the deck and looks at the person to their left and says “guess.” person guesses a card in the deck (suit not necessary; just something like “7” or “Queen”). dealer looks at top card on the deck.
Rules: -if the person guessed the card right on his first try, the dealer drinks 10. -if hes wrong, the dealer says lets him know if he was too high or too low and the guesser has one more chance to get it right. -if he guesses right on his second try, dealer drinks 5. -if the guesser was wrong, he drinks the difference between what the card was and what he guessed. Next step: Once that person has either succesfully guessed, or guessed twice, the card is placed face up on the table in a place that will make it easy for all 13 numbers and faces can line up. -repeat process for next person in the circle.
For the dealer to get rid of the deck, he needs three people in a row to guess wrong. then he passes it to the person to his left and the game continues.
Why is it called fuck the dealer? cuz after two or three people have had the deal, the next person is gonna get fucked because theres basically no way 3 people in a row cant guess it right.

Horse Races

There are many variations of the Hore Races Drinking Game, but heres the one i prefer:
Step 1: take out all four aces from the deck and put em on the table so that their long sides match up with the long side of the table (or basically just make sure theres a lot of room in front of the ace).
Step 2: lay cards face down on the table starting next to one of the aces on the outside and keep laying em down until youre one cards length away from running out of a table. heres a shitty looking diagram of what it should look like (D stands for card face down, A is for ace): D D D D D D D D A A A A
Step 3: gather people around to place bets on which suit they think will win the race (be the first to pass the last card thats face down). how you place bets: -someone says somethin like “i got 7 on hearts.” that person drinks 7 immediately to back up their bet. if hearts wins the race, they get double the amount of drinks they bet (in this case 14) to hand out to other people that were playing. they can either split it up between a few people, or just f*ck one person over.
Step 4: start throwing the top card on the deck face up on the table top. the suit of the card that you flip over determines which ace moves up a spot. Step 5: after each ace has passed a level of face down cards you flip over the card that was face down. the suit of that card determines which ace moves back a spot. So just keep repeatin that shit until someone wins.
Its good to have a good buzz goin when you start this drinking game, cuz then spectators get really into it.

Vegas F.U.B.A.R.

This drinking game is much like KINGS, but the rules vary. You MUST have at least 4 people playing.
If You Draw:
2: Take two drinks
3: Take three drinks
4: Make a rule(ex. if you dirnk w/ your right hand you must drink again) your rule stands until the next 4 is drawn
5: Give 5 drinks (can be split up between two people)
6: I’ve Never: Name something you’ve never done (Try to involve sex) whoever has done it has to drink
7: THUMBMASTER!! the thumbmaster may place his or her thumb on the table at any time until the next 7 is drawn, whoever puts their thumb down last must drink
8: Categories- Name a type of product(ex: types of cars) everyone must name a product in that category(BMW,Ford) this goes around the group until someone messes up and has to drink.
9: Rhyme: say a word or phrase, the next person must ryhme with it, this also keeps going until someone stalls or messes up.
10: Waterfall!!!
Jack: Go back
Queen: Girls Drink
King: Guys Drink
Ace: Social everyone drinks

Texas Holdem

Play as you woulld usually play Texas Holdem small and beg blinds are 3 and 5 seconds…you play for seconds of drinking and the winner of the hand counts out the seconds just like in retular Texas Holdem after every card and seris you bet. (the winner can really f*ck with everyone by counting slower or be nice and count normal or a little faster…)

Black or Red

You need a deck of cards for this game. The more players the better. Everyone will sit at a table and you will start the game clockwise. first person picks either black or red. if they choose the right color they pick who ever they want to drink, if they get it wrong they have to drink. if player gets the color right three times in a row they can make up a rule. (for ex: you can’t point, or you can’t say drink). Player continues until they get the color wrong and it goes to the next person and so on. same rules apply to everyone.