Dodge Beer

This is a great backyard party drinking game! It consists of two teams of two at opposite ends of a rectangular table. Each player must have a full beer can(cans are a must) that is placed in the four corners of the table. One teams starts by throwing 2 ping-pong balls at the cans, in an attempt to strike the can. The teammates throwing the balls can alternate throwing or throw at the same time. If a ball strikes the can then the player whos can it is must retrieve the ball and place the ball on top of the can, all the while the player who threw the ball at the can is chugging his beer. He does not stop chugging until the ball is placed on top of the can. The game is over when a teams beers are absolutely empty. If a team throws 2 balls and completely misses both cans on their throws then the team that was being thrown at can take a sip of there own beers. If one of the two teammates has an empty beer then the game goes down to 2 on 1 and so-on til somebody wins.
(Thanks Mark!)