Madden Mayhem

Get any game of Madden, on any system that you prefer. You can do this in teams (either switching quarters or whatever you prefer, each player on the team drinking every drink simultaneously), or just one on one. 
Needed: Beer, Jagermeister, Shot Glasses, 2 or more assholes with nothing else to do… 
Coin Toss: loser takes 1 shot 
Beer Drinks 
Offense makes positive yards = defense must drink  
Offense loses yards = offense must drink (sack = loss of yards) 
Offense has no gain of yardage = both sides drink  
Penalty = drink the amount of yards against you  
Scoring = drink the amount of points scored  
All open beers must be chugged before the start of a new quarter 
Offense throws an interception = 1 shot 
Defense returns interception for TD = Jager Bomb (offense) 
Offense fumbles but recovers the ball = 1 shot (offense and defense) 
Offense fumbles, defense recovers = Jager Bomb (offense) 
Missed field goal = 1 shot 
Blocked field goal/PAT = 2 Jager Bombs 
Kick returned for TD = Jager Bomb 
Player Challenges a call on the field and loses = 1 shot 
Player Challenges and wins = 1 shot (other team) 
Turnover on downs = Jager Bomb 
End of Game, loser must shotgun a beer. No excuses.
(Thanks James!)