One Last Effort

-The game is played with 3 or more people 
-2 shot glasses 
-1 pint or pilsner glass 
-2 quarters 
-Flat area big enough for each player to have room to bounce the quarter into the shot glass. (Bar, Kitchen Table; etc.)  
Game play and Rules: 
The game is very similar to basic quarters. Each player has to bounce the quarter into the shot glass in front of them. The twist is that this is a speed and skill game. Very FIRST, pour about 1/3 of a full glass into your pint or pilsner glass and put the glass in the middle of the table. This is were the game gets its name and will be more important later. To begin game play, players on opposite sides of the table start with the shot glass and a quarter. The shorter person counts down 3,2,1 or some version as this tends to eventually barrel down to gibberish. The shorter person is then replaced by the loser from each game. Then as fast as the player can he/she bounces the quarter in hopes on landing inside the shot glass. Once the player accomplishes this task he/she passes the glass to their right. If the player makes the quarter on the first bounce, said player has the option of passing the glass to either right or left. I REPEAT, the “FUCK YOU” left pass can only be made if you make the quarter on the first bounce. The goal is to get both shot glasses in front of one person. If this happens that person has lost, temporarily. This is where “One Last Effort” gets its name. The temporary loser then calls out another player in the game. This can be done strategically, pick someone away from you so that you can’t get busted again quickly, or the much more popular pick the buddy you hate method, that allows you to fuck over a friend. Once that person has been called out the one who made the call gets one shot at the glass in the middle to safe himself from chugging the contents. I MUST REPEAT: You have to call out the other player before the toss is made. This way there is no way to hide how big of a dick you really are. If the shot is made the person called out is the loser and must consume the beer. The game continues until you run out of beer and/or someone gets naked. Enjoy!
(Thanks Nick)