Like many other drinking games but a different variation. 
Lay all cards in a circle around a beercan 
One player picks a card and does what it means. Then places card on top of beer can with at least two corners off the edge. Then the player to the left picks a card and does what it means then places it on top of first players card with at least two corners off the edge of first players card.  
2. For you (Give out two drinks) 
3. For me (Take three drinks) 
4. For whores (All the ladies take a drink) 
5 Touch the sky (Everyone raises hands like a high five. Last person to raise their hand takes a drink) 
6 For dicks (All the men take a drink) 
7. Seven up (Everyone raises their drink. Last one to toast has to take a drink) 
8. Pick a mate (Choose someone who has to drink with you every time you have to drink) 
9. Bust a rhyme (Say a sentence. The person to your left has to rhyme with what you said. Goes on until someone can’t rhyme and has to take a drink) 
10. Categories (Choose a category, then player to your left has to say something within that category)(Ex. Cigarettes..Camel..Marlboro..Kool) 
J. Piss card (You can only go pee if you have the piss card. People cans steal it from you so hide it, but make sure you have a least two corners showing at all times or you have to give it up) 
Q. Thumbs on the table (Last person to put their thumb on the table has to drink) 
K. Social (Everyone drinks) 
A. Waterfall (Everyone starts drinking. Player who picked card drinks as long as they want. Person to the left can’t stop until player stops, and so on) 
If you knock down the cards off the beercan you have two choices depending on how everyone wants to play. 1. You have to shotgun entire beer or 2. You have to take as many drinks for as many cards fell down. (Ex. Ten cards fell off so player has to take ten drinks)
(Thanks K-Doug!)