Snappa (Beer Die)

Official Rules: 
1. Play is to 7; Win by 2. 
2. Toss must exceed minimum of 6 feet vertical and must be thrown with an underhand arm motion. However, if the throw is considered low by the opposing team then they must call “height” or “low” while the die is in the air. If a sink occurs on a “height” call, the sink is still good. Contact with the ceiling during a throw will result in a void throw and play will resume with the other team. 
3. In order to successfully “score” a point, the die must cross opponent’s baseline and fail to be legally caught; unless, of course, the die makes contact with the opponent’s cup at which point the die may roll off all sides of the table for a point. 
4. A legal catch is made with one hand only and the die may not be trapped against the body. The die may hit the player and a legal catch can still be made as long as the die continues to move and is still caught legally. 
5. If the die makes contact with cup and remains on the table, no point may be recorded; however, if the die reads “5,” a drink is required. 
6. Cup must be finished in 3 drinks (no exceptions). 
7. In the event of a sink, the team who has been sunk must finish the remainder of their drink and spit the die back on the table. If the die reads “5,” the team must refill, drink a full cup and spit again, this process continues until the die no longer reads “5.” 
8. Cups must be placed one hand length from each corner of the table. 
9. Players are to remain in a relaxed and sitting position during play. 
10. If the die hits the table and rolls off the side without hitting a cup then no point is awarded and no drink is required for either team. However, If the die is thrown over the edge without striking the table, the throwing team must drink 1/3 of their cup as a penalty. No points are awarded. 
11. At the outset of every match the order is determined. That order must be maintained throughout game play. If the order is broken, a penalty drink is required. No points are awarded. 
12. All four cups must be placed on the table before the die is thrown. 
13. If a player sinks the die in their own cup, then their team automatically loses the match. 
14. Each team must have a team name and a team cheer for each point. 
15. This is a Gentleman’s game, so every match concludes with the shaking of the opponent’s hands and a verbal exchange of “good game.”
(Thanks Mike!)