Pumpkin Patch

However many players you have you make a square of cards of that dimensions, 4players a 4 X 4 square of face down cards. 
With the remaining cards you play blackjack, the loser of 21 picks a cardfrom the pumpkin patch 
After picking fom the patch you drink the face value if its not a spade suit 
If it is spade (a pumpkin) then you get to give it out double the face value 
If your 21 hand is under 8 then you pick a card no matter what, and if your the lowest you pick two 
If your two 21 cards are both spades, suited, then you cover up all up facing cards in the patch with down facing cards and drink the value of your cards, called geting “spaded” 
If you uncover all the cards in the patch you play one last hand of 21, highies value finishes their beer