Boondock Drunks

This drinking game is rather simple, assuming you have a DVD or VHS of “Boondock Saints” lying around your house.
Pop in the movie and watch it. Whenever When you see something religious, drink. For example, the first scene when they’re in the church, drink because it’s a church, drink for the pruest, drink for the prayer…ect.
When anyone swears drink. For example, the scene when Rocco says, “F*ck, F*ck, You f*ckin’, F*ck….”, drink. And lastly, whenever Willem DaFoe does something homosexual, drink. For example, when hes in bed with that Asian guy and gets a phone call and then states “I’m not gay, get off me…”, drink.
Like I said, it’s a really easy drinking game, but its guaranteed to get you f*cked up beyond all recognition. Have fun kids.