Molly Molly MOOSE

First you need a regular sized bowl and an empty ice tray. Set the end of the ice tray on the edge of the bowl so that it is slantting down. Fill the bowl full of beer. Get a quarter. As in quarters, try to bounce the quarter into the bowl or the ice tray. Left side is take, right side is give. The number of drinks is how many rows up you made the quarter in. ex. if you make it in row one on the left side you take one drink and so on…. If you make it into the bowl all other players including the person who made the shot must put their hands up to their head, make antlers and say “Molly Molly MOOSE” the last person to say it or to put their hands to their head has to drink the bowl of beer. If a person accidently says molly molly moose when the quarter did not hit in the bowl that person has to drink 5 drinks. Have fun!