The Mother of All

All you need is a deck of cards, and any number of people, and fuckloads of beer! You could actually play this with yourself if you wanted to :).. Anyways.. 
Place all cards face down but mixed around, not in a pile. Any player can be first. Pick a card at random and follow the rules. The rules are as follows: 
A: Fuck you. The person who draws the card has to shout out FUCK YOU, and the last person in the group to shout it out must drink. 
K: Make up a rule, any rule. Eg, the little man rule where you place an imaginary little man on top of your beer. Everytime before you drink, take him off your beer and set him down otherwise you’ll drink him. Ew. Afterwards you must place him back on, gently. If you forget, take an extra drink. This King rule is in action until another King is drawn. 
Q: All females in the group drink. 
J: All males in the group drink. 
10: Bathroom card. Keep this card because you need it in order to go the the bathroom. It can only be used once, so discard it after it’s use. 
9: Thumb rule. If you draw this card, place your thumb on the table. You may wait a bit in order to confuse your buddies :). The last person of the group to place their thumb on the table has to drink. 
8: Mate. Pick anyone in the group to drink with. 
7: Heaven. Touch your thumbs and your pointers together to form a circle/halo, then bring you hands up over your head to make it look similar to a halo :/. Last person to do this drinks. 
6: Split up 6 drinks between your buddies. You can assign more than one drink to a person, hell, you could give one person all 6, or even yourself all 6! 
5: Storytime. The person who picked the card must start the story, but with only one word. ie- “The”. Then the next person in line in the group has to continue the story. ie – “The asshole”. Then the next person continues the story, ie – “The asshole went” Then the story continues so on and so forth. The person who messes up the story drinks. 
4: Beer Bitch. The person who gets this card becomes everyones ‘beer bitch’. Fetching or throwing away the groups beer. This card is in play until someone else picks up the next 4. 
3: Me. This person drinks 3 times for themself. 
2: You. The person who picks this card picks someone in the group to drink 2 times. 
Have fun kids 🙂
(Thanks Brittney and Hannah!)