The Worst Game EVER!

This drinking game is played along the lines of rummy; except for a few select rules that will get you fucked up…fast. 
Like Rummy the point of the game is to lay down as many books as you can and get rid of your cards first. But in this game there are consequences: 
When you lay down a book(three of a kind, run,ect.) you must drink the value of the lowest card in the book. ( ie you lay down 6,7,8 you must drink six times) 
~Take out all but one queen. Whoever ends up with the only queen at the end of the game has to drink the “sharing is caring” cup.  
~Ace= pass the value of any card out of the last book you layed down to any other player to drink, rather then you drinking it. 
~King= pour some of your beer into the “sharing is caring” cup 🙂 
~Jack=make a rule (jacks can be re-used) 
~10= Anytime a ten is played or discarded you exchange one card with one other person. (starting with the player who layed the 10 down.) Everyone must exchange a card with another player untill everyone has exchanged at least one card. 
Hope you have fun. 
(Thanks Tank & Sticky!)