Drunk Driver II

You start using a generic deck of cards, and about 3-4 beers a person and two beers extra. 
There are several rounds, and Ace is the highest card. 
Round 1- (RED OR BLACK) 
You go around the table and ask each person, dealer included, if the card the dealer flips is going to be a red or black card. If correct, the person can deal out 2 drinks to whomever. These can be split, and can be given to onesself. If the person is wrong, they have to drink the two. 
Round 2- (higher or lower) 
Now you ask if the next card will be higher or lower than the one the person already has. If correct it is 4 drinks to pass out however chosen.If the person is wrong, they have to drink the four. 
Round Three- (outside or between) 
Now, as the last, you make a choice, and it is worth 6 drinks, same rules for passing out the drinks as before. 
Round 4- (Suites) 
Now you have to guess the correct suite. It’s worth 8 drinks, same rules apply as previous. 
Ok, here is where it changes. Everyone keeps their cards, and using the rest of the deck, you make a tall rectangle 2×5 and one card on top. Like this… 
[] (12 drinks) 
[][] (10 drinks) 
[][] (8 drinks) 
[][] (6 drinks) 
[][] (4 drinks) 
[][] (2 drinks) 
the cards to the left, and the very top are DRINK Cards, if you have the same card value, you have to drink. 
The cards to the right are pass cards, so if you have that card, you PHYSICALLY PASS the card, and ALL the drinks to one person. 
If nobody has that card you put another card face down in its place and return to it after the rest of the drinks. 
Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is in the DRUNK TANK, any type of tie means all tied people are in the tank. 
Drunk Tank 
Dealer or someone not in drunk tank collects all the cards and shuffles, and draws out 20 cards. 
You only drink for face cards, but cards are added everytime you have to drink. The drinking is supposed to be done as quick as possible. 
Jacks=1 drink and card 
Queens=2 drinks and cards 
Kings=3 drinks and card 
Aces=4 drinks and cards 
You continue to flip cards until the original pile of 20 cards run out, or all the deck is flipped. 
This is a great game, especially if you have limited amounts of beers, because everyone gets pretty toasty, and one person will get pretty hammered and everyone can laugh at them, haha.
(Thanks Chuckie!)