Beer Dye

You need 4 people, dice, lots of beer, and a ping pong table for Beer Dye drinking game.
The two people from each team sit at the ends of the table facing the other team. You have a cup on each end of the table. You place the cut 2 or 3 inches from the corner of the table. The cup infront of you is your cup. You win the game by getting bizz(5) big points. When it is your turn you throw the dice underhand above your head hitting the other side trying to hit the other teams cup. You get big points by hitting either of the other teams cup, throwing it in the cup, or make the other team loose all its small points. If you throw the dice and it doesn’t go above your head it is called “god’s eye” and you loose a small point.
Each team starts off with Bizz(5) small points, you loose small points by dropping the dice when thrown to you, not hitting the other side of the table (throwing it too far, or too wide so it misses the table), hitting the ceiling, saying 5 instead of Bizz, or using 2 hands or your body to catch the dice. If you throw a god’s eye, you then have 4 small points, if you drop it you have 3, and so on until you get to 0. When a team reaches 0 small points they should be finished with their beer. You can drink anytime you want during the game, but you can’t throw it unless every cup is on the table and if one isn’t, the throw doesn’t count and you loose your throw. If you throw the dice and it hits the cup and falls off the table you recieve a big point and the other team looses a small point.
The object of the Beer Dye drinking game is to catch the dice when thrown to you, hit the other teams cup (or throw it in their cup) and get really drunk in the process.