Popular Role Playing Games

There are a large number of role playing games out there. Your age and interests will dictate what the most popular role playing games available are for you. Role playing games have been around for quite some time. Dungeons and Dragons, the first commercial role playing game, was released to the public in 1974. D and D (as it came to be known) was a game that was based on a fantasy theme that included magicians, kings, queens and wizards. It is now the most popular role playing game in history. Soon after D and D was introduced, another role-playing game was developed. This game was created by Marc Miller. It was a science fiction role playing game called Traveller. These two games laid the foundation for all role playing games. Now, there are countless role playing games to choose from. Whether you prefer role playing games for your home video game console or close to role playing games offered online like video poker game, you’re sure to find one that suits your specific gaming tastes.

Popular Role Playing Games – RPGs in the Video Game World

At first, role playing games (RPGs) found a popular footing without the aid of video game systems.  But the days of D & D have given way to a rich role-play gaming world that is played by millions of gamers.  Game franchises like the early Zelda or the more contemporary Final Fantasy make millions of dollars in gaming sales and even movie spin offs. Some franchises like Diablo release several iterations of the same title, with sequels often pulling in more gamers than the original.


Popular Role Paying Games – Massive Multiplayer Online Games

With the advent of the Internet, RPGs got a completely new and massive overhaul. Massive multiplayer online games like WarCraft and SecondLife have changed the face of RPGs forever. These games are extremely complex, and each of them extremely popular. The evolution of popular role playing games continues. Even today, we see a great variety of new titles springing forth new realities, gaming challenges and even entire online communities.

Popular Role Playing Games – A Few of Today’s Popular Titles

Many of the most popular RPGs of today, such as Gothic, Fable, Grand Theft Auto and Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 are very in-depth and attractive to a wide variety of gamers. The game The Godfather was based on the popular the film series. Most RPGs allow multiple gamers to play simultaneously and you can even interact with each other. The nice thing is you can play with people on the other side of the planet as it is all done via phone and fiber optic cables. Most of the time, all gamers need is a copy of the game, an Internet connection or some sort of online console action like Xbox Live service. Role playing games are fun, entertaining and social, or at least they are social to some degree, and they have certainly advanced since the early days of D and D.