PLAYERS- You need atleast 2 teams of 2, but you can do 3 teams of 2, 2 teams of 3, etc.. 
OBJECTS- 1 large cup, one smaller cup for each team, a lot of beer, and around 4 or 5 quarters. 
SETUP- Place the large cup in the middle of the table and fill it up. Each team places their empty cup in front of them and gets one quarter, the rest can just lay around the big cup(they are extras when you drop your teams quarter). THE ONLY CUP YOU FILL UP IS THE MIDDLE ONE 
HOW TO PLAY- After a player announces “GO”, one player from each team tries to bounce their quarter into their teams small cup. If you make your shot, you shoot again. If you miss, the next player on your team attempts to shoot. Continue to shoot until your team makes it 10 total times(you can play to 15 or 20 is you wish). Once you make it 10 times, you shoot, following the same rules, into the big cup. First team to make it once into the big cup wins. The winning team then decides how the losing team should drink, as in player 1 starts the drink, and player 2 finish. The key is, once your lips touch the cup, they cannot come off until you are done drinking. So if I am the first one to drink from the cup, I could take a little sip and make my partner finish the rest of the cup. If youre team cannot finish the cup successfully, chug a beer.
(Thanks J Rice!)