This is one of “those” drinking games that get you insanely drunk pretty quickly.
To start off, you pick someone (at random, i don’t give a fuck who it is) and tell them to call out a suit. You flip a card and if it’s the suit they called, they drink so many drinks 2-2..3-3..4-4..ect. jacks 11 and queens 12. If the suit does not match then you continue to flip cards to the left of the last person until the suit called is shown. not to the counting. Say you have 10 drinks, you don’t use your judgement on what exactly a drink is, people count 1..2..3..ect until 10.
Thats why it’s called bastard, you can be a bastard and hold your number as long as you want. If it’s your drink, you can also be a bastard, if you slam down your beer (if you finish before they finish counting) the person who was supposed to say the a number next, picks up all your drinks and drinks 10. If they finish counting, you say a suit, then put your beer down, it continues to your left ect ect. there is no end you can restart the deck however many times you need to.
This is a mans drinking game, i’ve seen it played through a deck as many as 10 times over.
(Thanks Kevin)