Flip Cup Guys Flip Cup Rules

Teams consist of 6 players. At the start of each series, teams will be placed on opposing sides of their designated tables. FCG will determine the amount of beverage to be poured into each cup at the start of each competition. FCG will designate the side of the table that will start the race. Games begin with a gentleman’s tap (tap cups, down to the table, up to the mouth). Once the tap is completed, the relay race begins. Once a cup’s contents are finished, the player must place the cup mouth up on the edge of the table. The cup will be flipped from this position until it lands mouth down. Players cannot touch their cup until the previous player’s cup is 100% face down on the table. The remaining players will repeat the same process until all members have successfully flipped their cups. In the event that the last 2 cups land and settle at the same time, the game will is considered a do-over. The first team to successfully flip all of their cups wins the round. The first team to win 4 times will win the best of 7 series. Each player must flip each game and can only use one hand to flip cups. Players who spill or pour out excessive beverage from their cup will have to start over.
(Thanks Flip Cup Guys!)