Moose Head

This drinking game is a variation of your moose.  
# of players- 5 or more 
Objects needed- 1 ice tray, 1 coffee mug and 1 soup bowl (preferably plastic) 
Set up- set ice tray virtical, put the empty coffee mug behind it, and put the soup bowl behind the cup and fill bowl with one full can of beer. 
Rules- all players stand in a circle around the table, it’s easiest played with a smaller table, the person shooting bounces the quarter into whatever object he/she choose’s, if they bounce it into the ice tray which ever side they bounce it into= the side of the person that has to drink. for example if the person bounces it into the right side of the tray the person to their right must drink and visa versa. how ever many holes they bounce it into is the seconds they must drink. for example if they bounce it into the first hole it’s drink for one second and so on. now if the quarter is bounced into the cup it’s a social and everyone must drink for 5 seconds. if it’s bounced into the bowl everyone must put their hands up to their heads (thumbs on head with the rest of the fingures out) last person to do so must chug the bowl. when shooter misses the circle of players rotates clockwise. have alot of beer handy and play as long as desired… have fun.
(Thanks Vinny!)