This game can be played with anywhere between 3 to 7 players, preferably. A whole deck of cards is dealt out among the people playing. The cards are dealt face down, dont look at them. The first person flips over their card, lets say it’s a 8 of diamonds. The person directly to the left of them then flips over their card, and say they flip over the Jack of diamonds. In this case, both players have to drink the respective amount of seconds that their card represents since they both layed down a card of the same suit(8 seconds and J equals 11 seconds). The process continues as long as the person to the left of the last person to lay down throws a diamond also, and the chain continues. If the person throws down, say a 3 of clubs…the chain is now broken and a new one starts. Also, if a player were to throw down the same card, say one player throws down the 10 of clubs and the person to the left throws a 10 of spades, it also is connected and the players must both drink 10 seconds. If the the player to the left of the 10 of spades throws down a spade also both people who threw down a 10 must drink again because the two spades are connected to eachother and both 10 are connected to eachother. The value of face cards are J=11, Q=12, K=13, and A=15. This game usually lasts about 20 minutes, and one player usually gets screwed over pretty nicely. Enjoy!
(Thanks John!)