Kings (NJ rules)

Spread out circle of cards 
Each person goes and picks one at time 
2- you (tell someone else to drink) 
3- me (you drink) 
4- floor (last person to hit floor/table drinks) 
5- guys (guys drink) 
6- chicks (chicks drink) 
7- heaven (last person to point up drinks) 
8- either 1. mate – you and someone else you pick drink 
or 2. categories – (pick a category such as sports teams, colleges, ect. stops when someone can’t think of one & they drink) 
9- rhyme time – say a little rhyme, last words must rhyme (can also just do words that rhyme) 
10- either thumb rule – (must place thumb on table, cannot remove it until person who picks card does) 
or 1. sentence – (each person says one word to a sentence, you must repeat whatever part of a sentence has been said so far and add a word..first to mess up chain or say something that makes no sense drinks) 
jack- rule – (make rule everyone must follow) 
queen – question (person who draws can randomly ask someone a question and if they answer they must drink.. ends when next queen is drawn and new question master is chosen 
king- never have i ever – (everyone puts up three fingers everyone goes around and says never have i ever..and something they havent done. point is to get people to put down fingers. first person out of fingers drinks 
ace- waterfall everyone starts drinking, 2nd person cant stop until 1st who drew card does, 3rd cant stop until 2nd does ect. 
you can also play where you place cards on a beer can in the middle, 2 corners must be showing. If you knock over any cards you drink that beer.
(Thanks Irelynn!)