Eta Pi (BJ Action)

What you will need: 
-1 normal sized cup 
-Supply of bottled beer 
Quarters Eta Pi rules is played with all playing members sitting all around a table with 1 normal sized cup placed in the center. All players remove the bottle caps from their beers and give all of them to the starting player (Player 1). Player 1 tries to get as many of the bottle caps into the cup in the center of the table by bouncing them off of the table (Just like in regular quarters). 
At the end of player 1’s turn the number of caps s/he got in the cup is the number of drinks s/he is allowed make any other player drink.  
*For example, if player 1 makes 2 successful shots he can either make player 2 and 3 each take 1 drink or make any player take two drinks in a row.*  
If player 1 does not make any shots then he himself has to take a drink 
After player 1’s turn all of the bottle caps are passed to his right so that player 2 can begin his turn 
Any new bottle caps that accumulate (by opening new beers) are given to player 1 to hold until the caps that are being used circle all the way around the table back to the starting position of player 1 who then puts the new caps into play. 
Getting three caps in the cup in a row then requires everyone to do a waterfall.  
The number of drinks the player who is currently playing has to drink if he misses all of his shots increases as the number of caps increase.  
0-19 caps: 1 drink if player misses every shot 
20-29 caps: 2 drinks… 
30-39 caps: 3 drinks… 
and so forth.