Beer Darts

For the two player game, players sit in chairs around 15 feet apart, or whatever distance the players agree is fair.
-A piece of cardboard is placed on the ground in front of each chair, a full, open can of beer is placed into the center of the cardboard.
-Players alternate throwing metal-tipped darts at the opponents can – when a hit is made, the player hit must drink the beer to the level of the hole (this can be determined by the fact that beer no longer pours from the hole. A hit only counts if there is a puncture
-Any dart sticking in the top of the can requires the chugging of the beer.
-Three hits lower than half way down the beer can signals the end of that beer. It must be finished and replaced with a new can, or a substitute player must be found. Five overall hits also singnals the end of the beer.
-This can be played with teams as well. When playing in teams, players throw at whomever they wish, and the person thown at get the next turn for the other side.
-Everyone wins.
-If none of the players are crazy, this isn’t as dangerous as it sounds.
(Thanks Jeff)