Horse Races

There are many variations of the Hore Races Drinking Game, but heres the one i prefer:
Step 1: take out all four aces from the deck and put em on the table so that their long sides match up with the long side of the table (or basically just make sure theres a lot of room in front of the ace).
Step 2: lay cards face down on the table starting next to one of the aces on the outside and keep laying em down until youre one cards length away from running out of a table. heres a shitty looking diagram of what it should look like (D stands for card face down, A is for ace): D D D D D D D D A A A A
Step 3: gather people around to place bets on which suit they think will win the race (be the first to pass the last card thats face down). how you place bets: -someone says somethin like “i got 7 on hearts.” that person drinks 7 immediately to back up their bet. if hearts wins the race, they get double the amount of drinks they bet (in this case 14) to hand out to other people that were playing. they can either split it up between a few people, or just f*ck one person over.
Step 4: start throwing the top card on the deck face up on the table top. the suit of the card that you flip over determines which ace moves up a spot. Step 5: after each ace has passed a level of face down cards you flip over the card that was face down. the suit of that card determines which ace moves back a spot. So just keep repeatin that shit until someone wins.
Its good to have a good buzz goin when you start this drinking game, cuz then spectators get really into it.