King Of Beers (Central Coast Version)

Alright, you need a deck of cards and at least 3 people to make it worth playing, also…a beer bong & a tall glass. 
Put the glass in the middle of the table, spread the cards around it, and play the following. 
Pick up one of the follow, and this is what happens; 
A – Social Drink; Everyone takes a drink. 
2, 3, 4 – Nominate drinks; Pick people to drink the amount shown on the card. Get 4 for example, 2 for jimmy, 1 for john and 1 for rose…etc. 
5 – Make/Break a rule; Make any rule you want…if someone doesn’t do it, they must drink. Or you can get rid of a rule someone has placed. 
6 – Thumb Master; whoever gets this can swiftly put their thumb on the table, everyone must catch on….the last idiot to put their thumb on the table…drinks. 
7 – Seven game; 1,2,3,4,5,6 FUCK, 8,9,10,11,12,13, CUNT. Its goes around all the players, any number with 7 in it, or mutible of 7 must be replaced with a swear word. Whoever fucks it up. Drinks. 
8 – Piss card; whoever gets this, can take a piss whenever they want. 
9 – Bust a Rhyme; You must make a rap rhyme, the next person adds onto it, etc etc, whoever can’t think of something…drinks. 
10 – Waterfall; Everyone starts to chug, no one can stop until the person in front of them has stopped first. If you stop before your turn. You chug anyway. 
J – Beer bong you beverage (No questions asked) 
Q – Ship came into the harbour; carrying a fuck load of pot. The next person saying the whole sentence, then the next person says it, adding something else on, then so on and so on. Until some fucks it, then they drink. 
K – Donate as much drink as you want to the glass in the middle. Who ever score the last king, must chug whats in the glass. Oh yeah!
(Thanks Adam!)