Dream Theater Beerfest

Okay, this one is for the Dream Theater fans. 
What you need is the ‘Score’ DVD by Dream Theater. 
Lots of beer on stand by, or whatever you drink really. 
Press play and watch on. 
Whenever the drummer (Mike) does something fancy, like; spins his drum stick in his fingers, stands up, does a drum roll, sings, chucks his drum sticks and anything out of the ordinary. You must have a good long drink. 
Also, to make it interesting, when the singer (James) hits a high pitch note, and sticks his tongue out (which he never really used to do back in the day) you must chug your whole drink. 
And, when you see the bass players face (John), you must drink (you don’t see it much, so its worth a drink). 
We’ve played this a few times…and got really fucked up. By the end, you’re tanked on booze and your head is full of great tunes. 
Enjoy this one!!!
(Thanks Adam!)