Circle of death (STL version)

Put a full beer can in the middle of the table, fan a deck of cards around the beer. Randomly pick who goes first and continue clockwise from there.
Cards 2-4 – take yourself
Cards 5-8 – give out
9 – bust a rhyme
10 – catagories (ie beer- bud light, sam adams, etc)
Jack is thumb master (if you put your thum on the table the last person to do so drinks)
Queen is question master (if you ask someone a question they must answer you in a question or else they drink and if they do answer in a question it goes back and forth until someone slips up)
King – you make a rule(ie you cant use the word drink, or you cant cuss or you drink)
Ace of course is WATERFALL
VARIATION- if you want you can put all the cards except jack queen and king under the tab of the full beer can after you pull them until someone pops it and then they must CHUG the whole beer. Also if you break the circle you must CHUG the rest of your current beer.
(Thanks Ian)