Coins (aussie quarters)

You put a glass in the middle of the table and everybody sit around. the first person trys to bounce the coin into the glass if they get it in they drink if they miss the coin goes to the next person and so on. once 1 lap of the table has bin done you start again if you have already scored once and you get in again you dont drink you choose some1 else to drink BUT if the person you choose has got it in they get a revenge shot after they drink. soon enuf every1 will have got it in so every1 will get a revenge turn.  
***RIMMERS*** a ‘rimmer’ is wen the coin bounces of the rim of the glass,  
normally a judge is picked at the begining of the game to judge ‘rimmers’. wen a ‘rimmer’ happens the person who shot the coin gets another try if you get 3 ‘rimmers’ in a row you must drink and then its the next persons go. some people choose to disalow rimmers altogether thats up to the players. ‘rimmers’ do not aply on revenge shots 
***quiting*** you can only quit on you turn and you must continue playing for 3 laps of the table thats everybodys chance to gang up on you.
(Thanks j\rock!)