Who Shit, What Shit

Absolute classic drinking game. Everyone in the game gets a name which is Blank Shit (ie BatShit, DogShit, HorseShit, JalepenoShit) and it is the job over all playing to remember the other persons name.
The drinking game starts when someone starts to tell a long and winded story that includes the word shit several times. “I was walking through the woods and it was some crazy shit, absolutely wild shit, i might have enven been smoking shit, etc…” usually the crowd eggs the person on. Then the story teller will work in another one of the group members “shit Name” at which time the person has to say:
Shit Name: Who Shit?
Story teller: What Shit?
Shit Name: Blank shit
This goes on until someone makes a mistake at which time the person who messed up has to drink and then start his own story.
Great drinking game for late at night!
(Thanks to “The Good Ol Boys”)