Black or White

This is a very simple game, but loads of fun to play with 4 people or more, the more the better. One person presents two options, which are generally in opposition to each other, for example “black or white”. Going around the circle people have to choose one of the words or ideas. I choose black, she chooses white, he chooses white, black, white, black, black, etc. until everyone has picked. Then the person who presented to two words in the first place reveals which one they were thinking of. Anyone who answered the other word has to drink. If he says white and I chose black, I drink. There can be no explanation/clarification of what the two ideas/words mean. For example if I say “top or bottom” or “heads or tails”, they can obviously be taken sexually or innocently, but may not necessarily be so, which is part of the beauty of the game. You can be as blatant or unclear as you like. The object isn’t to guess what the person is thinking, either. If the options are “beer or liquor” and I know that the person whose turn it is loves liquor but I prefer beer, I’m still going to say beer. As people get drunker, they get more creative and the game hums.
Enjoy. Best with about 10 people.
(Thanks Dave)