This game can be played with anywhere between 3 to 7 players, preferably. A whole deck of cards is dealt out among the people playing. The cards are dealt face down, dont look at them. The first person flips over their card, lets say it’s a 8 of diamonds. The person directly to the left of them then flips over their card, and say they flip over the Jack of diamonds. In this case, both players have to drink the respective amount of seconds that their card represents since they both layed down a card of the same suit(8 seconds and J equals 11 seconds). The process continues as long as the person to the left of the last person to lay down throws a diamond also, and the chain continues. If the person throws down, say a 3 of clubs…the chain is now broken and a new one starts. Also, if a player were to throw down the same card, say one player throws down the 10 of clubs and the person to the left throws a 10 of spades, it also is connected and the players must both drink 10 seconds. If the the player to the left of the 10 of spades throws down a spade also both people who threw down a 10 must drink again because the two spades are connected to eachother and both 10 are connected to eachother. The value of face cards are J=11, Q=12, K=13, and A=15. This game usually lasts about 20 minutes, and one player usually gets screwed over pretty nicely. Enjoy!
(Thanks John!)


For this game all u need is at least 2 people and a lot of liquor or beer. 
You start by laying out 10 cards face down you flip the first card then ask the person if they think the next card will be higher or lower…If they guess wrong they drink for the for the diffrence. 
For example.if the first card is a 5 and they guess high and the card flipped is a 2 you have to drink for 3 sec.
(Thanks Shane!)


Game Start 
Shuffle the deck 
Spread all cards across table face down 
Pick a player to start 
Rotate Clockwise 
Look at person of your choice and ask a question 
That person must answer question with a question 
Keep going till someone Fuck’s Up and drinks 
2’s-Thumb’s Down  
Place both thumb’s down on table 
Last player drinks 
3’s-Give three 
4’s-Social (Everyone take a drink 
5’s-Bonsai-Last player to say BONSAI drinks 
6’s-Arm’s Up 
7’s-Take Seven 
8’s-Make a Rule 
9’s-To the Right 
10’s-To the Left 
Jack’s-Tell a Story 
Player who draws card starts with One word 
Player to left repeats that word and adds a word 
Keep going to left till someone Fuck’s it Up 
Queen’s-Bitches Drink 
King’s-Dicks Drink 
(Thanks Kevin!)


Needed: deck of cards. 
The object of this game is to be the player at the end with the most cards.  
One player starts as the dealer. They flip a card over to the two people to their right. The first of the two players to name something that starts with the letter of that card wins the card. Example: If the dealer flips over a ten, the first player to yell something that starts with a “t”.  
The player who lost drinks for the number on the card. Example if the card is a “7” the loser drinks for 7 seconds. This player is then passed the cards and deals to the two people to their right.  
This continues until the entire deck of cards is used up.  
The player at the end of the game with the most cards wins.

The Mother of All

All you need is a deck of cards, and any number of people, and fuckloads of beer! You could actually play this with yourself if you wanted to :).. Anyways.. 
Place all cards face down but mixed around, not in a pile. Any player can be first. Pick a card at random and follow the rules. The rules are as follows: 
A: Fuck you. The person who draws the card has to shout out FUCK YOU, and the last person in the group to shout it out must drink. 
K: Make up a rule, any rule. Eg, the little man rule where you place an imaginary little man on top of your beer. Everytime before you drink, take him off your beer and set him down otherwise you’ll drink him. Ew. Afterwards you must place him back on, gently. If you forget, take an extra drink. This King rule is in action until another King is drawn. 
Q: All females in the group drink. 
J: All males in the group drink. 
10: Bathroom card. Keep this card because you need it in order to go the the bathroom. It can only be used once, so discard it after it’s use. 
9: Thumb rule. If you draw this card, place your thumb on the table. You may wait a bit in order to confuse your buddies :). The last person of the group to place their thumb on the table has to drink. 
8: Mate. Pick anyone in the group to drink with. 
7: Heaven. Touch your thumbs and your pointers together to form a circle/halo, then bring you hands up over your head to make it look similar to a halo :/. Last person to do this drinks. 
6: Split up 6 drinks between your buddies. You can assign more than one drink to a person, hell, you could give one person all 6, or even yourself all 6! 
5: Storytime. The person who picked the card must start the story, but with only one word. ie- “The”. Then the next person in line in the group has to continue the story. ie – “The asshole”. Then the next person continues the story, ie – “The asshole went” Then the story continues so on and so forth. The person who messes up the story drinks. 
4: Beer Bitch. The person who gets this card becomes everyones ‘beer bitch’. Fetching or throwing away the groups beer. This card is in play until someone else picks up the next 4. 
3: Me. This person drinks 3 times for themself. 
2: You. The person who picks this card picks someone in the group to drink 2 times. 
Have fun kids 🙂
(Thanks Brittney and Hannah!)

Pumpkin Patch

However many players you have you make a square of cards of that dimensions, 4players a 4 X 4 square of face down cards. 
With the remaining cards you play blackjack, the loser of 21 picks a cardfrom the pumpkin patch 
After picking fom the patch you drink the face value if its not a spade suit 
If it is spade (a pumpkin) then you get to give it out double the face value 
If your 21 hand is under 8 then you pick a card no matter what, and if your the lowest you pick two 
If your two 21 cards are both spades, suited, then you cover up all up facing cards in the patch with down facing cards and drink the value of your cards, called geting “spaded” 
If you uncover all the cards in the patch you play one last hand of 21, highies value finishes their beer

What The?!?!

-Deal 10 Cards to each player 
-Lay rest of deck face down on table, while taking the top card and laying it face up next to the pile. 
-Player must lay next highest card in numerical order(e.g. If there is a 6 showing, player should lay a 7) 
-If player cannot lay next number, must lay a number within 3, AND drink the difference. (e.g. If there is a 6 showing, player could lay anything up to a 9, and if they layed a 9, MUST drink 3(difference between 6 and 9 is 3)) 
-If player does not have a card within 3, must take an initial drink for not being able to lay a card, then draw from the pile and take 1 drink for every card drawn with a limit of 3 cards. 
-If player still cannot play within 3 cards, the must lay there next highest card. 
-8’s are wild and can represent any card player wants(e.g. If there is a 6 face up, player could lay an 8 and say it represents a 2) 
-First player to get rid of all their cards wins!
(Thanks Adam!)


This drinking game is simple, but fun. You start out by standing in a circle with at least 6 people. You will need a deck of cards and a lot of booze. Choose someone as the thrower, who will throw the entire deck of cards into the middle of the circle. The thrower will then call out a number and a suit, and whoever finds that card first shouts out BANGCOCK!
Whichever card the person finds is how many seconds they have to drink. (For example if a person finds a 10 they have to drink for ten seconds; jack-11 queen-12 king-13 A-14)The thrower gets in on the game if they repeat a card that they have already called out. (after a while it can get you pretty fucked up =D)Eventually you will go through about 52 rounds. 
This drinking game should get you pretty fucked up!
(Thanks Christine, Amanda & Jess!)

Drunk Driver II

You start using a generic deck of cards, and about 3-4 beers a person and two beers extra. 
There are several rounds, and Ace is the highest card. 
Round 1- (RED OR BLACK) 
You go around the table and ask each person, dealer included, if the card the dealer flips is going to be a red or black card. If correct, the person can deal out 2 drinks to whomever. These can be split, and can be given to onesself. If the person is wrong, they have to drink the two. 
Round 2- (higher or lower) 
Now you ask if the next card will be higher or lower than the one the person already has. If correct it is 4 drinks to pass out however chosen.If the person is wrong, they have to drink the four. 
Round Three- (outside or between) 
Now, as the last, you make a choice, and it is worth 6 drinks, same rules for passing out the drinks as before. 
Round 4- (Suites) 
Now you have to guess the correct suite. It’s worth 8 drinks, same rules apply as previous. 
Ok, here is where it changes. Everyone keeps their cards, and using the rest of the deck, you make a tall rectangle 2×5 and one card on top. Like this… 
[] (12 drinks) 
[][] (10 drinks) 
[][] (8 drinks) 
[][] (6 drinks) 
[][] (4 drinks) 
[][] (2 drinks) 
the cards to the left, and the very top are DRINK Cards, if you have the same card value, you have to drink. 
The cards to the right are pass cards, so if you have that card, you PHYSICALLY PASS the card, and ALL the drinks to one person. 
If nobody has that card you put another card face down in its place and return to it after the rest of the drinks. 
Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is in the DRUNK TANK, any type of tie means all tied people are in the tank. 
Drunk Tank 
Dealer or someone not in drunk tank collects all the cards and shuffles, and draws out 20 cards. 
You only drink for face cards, but cards are added everytime you have to drink. The drinking is supposed to be done as quick as possible. 
Jacks=1 drink and card 
Queens=2 drinks and cards 
Kings=3 drinks and card 
Aces=4 drinks and cards 
You continue to flip cards until the original pile of 20 cards run out, or all the deck is flipped. 
This is a great game, especially if you have limited amounts of beers, because everyone gets pretty toasty, and one person will get pretty hammered and everyone can laugh at them, haha.
(Thanks Chuckie!)

Kings (Travellers version)

same as all other full deck of cards , minus the two jokers , Scatter the deck of cards around an empty LARGE cup. Only one deck needed, but we suggest two if you are more than 4 people !! 
2 – Nominate (You nominate 2 drinks to one person or 1 drink each to 2 people)  
3 – Nominate (same as card 2 , except with 3 drinks to hand out) 
4 – Nominate (same as card 2 & 3 , except 4 drinks to hand out) 
5 – Make a rule ( all rules stay until the end of the game) 
6 – Rap or Rhyme (rap or rhyme ,first person to mess up drinks) 
7 – Rule of thumbs 
8 – Names of (eg: cars , every one has to name a type of car and the first person to mess up drinks … can make this one really difficult , eg: names of words starting with the letter z ) 
9 – Piss or Puke ( are not allowed to leave the table at any point during the game , unless you have this card , so if you need to piss or puke …. Got to do it where you are , you are aloud to sell this card to another player … you set your price !! ) if a person leaves without this card , the rest of the table must agree on his/her penalty) 
10 – Make or break a rule ( can break a rule that was made by some one or you can make a new one to add to the other rules, no breaking of the house rules or card rules ) 
Jack – Waterfall (consecutive drinking , all start at the same time , only stop when the person to your left or right stops, depends on which side the card holder nominated , left or right ) 
Queen – Bitch (you drink)  
King – Centre Glass (poor a portion of your drink , however big into the centre glass , person who picks up the last king must down it all ) 
Ace – Charades ( one round of charades ) 
House Rules:  
• Mob rules – majority always rules , if they say drink when or if you messed up , you listen ) 
• Drink while you think – no time to be slow if u get stuck at any point …. keep drinking till you think of something ) 
• Empty your bladder before you start playing  
• Have a couple of drinks handy in reaching distance  
• With the first 3 nominate cards , unless you are a daemon , we suggest you just take large sips if you get nominated instead of drinking your entire drink or having a shot )  
(Thanks Gillian)