All you need is 4 or more people, a big table and a bunch of booze. This game can either be played standing up, or sitting down. Gather around the table and come up with a “dirty” or “indian” hand sign that can be named. Things such as: teepee, tweaking nips, pleasing yourself, and muff diving are good signs. You start the game off by going around the table showing off your signs so everyone knows who has what sign. Next you start drumming the table with both hands, the person to start yells out, “what are we playing”, next everyone responds with, “indian”, the person to start yells, “how do we play”, everyone yells back, “dirty”, then the starter yells, “how dirty”, then everyone yells, “real fucking dirty” (this last phrase is said while pounding the table one hand at a time with each word). The starter then does their sign and another persons sign, when your sign gets done you then have to quickly do your sign and then someone elses, this keeps going around and around the table in no particular order as fast as possible until someone messes up. Once someone screws up, everyone yells, “you fucked up” or some kind of chant that indicates how much they suck while they drink until the chant is done. Then the person who screwed up becomes the starter. Anytime you mess up your sign, miss your sign, do a sign that isn’t in the game, do your sign when it isn’t your turn, someone else’s sign before you do yours it equals a screw up. And you just keep the game going.
(Thanks Nicole)