Civil War

This is a game that is basically a variation of Beirut/Beer Pong ( whatever you want to call them). Instead of having One, 10-cup pyramid, each side has Three, 6-cup pyramids. It is a 3 v 3 game in which each person has one set of cups assigned to them. Obviously, there are 3 pong balls used. The game starts however you like but one team starts with all 3 balls. The object of the game is to, you guessed it, get every cup eliminated before the other team. The variation is that every time a cup is eliminated, it is placed in front of the remaining cups, essentially creating a barricade, or a wall to prevent the other team from getting more shots in. Teams can build the wall of cups however they like, as long as they stay in a single row, directly in front of the remaining cups. The game is also continuous, meaning that play never stops. You can shoot whenever you want. However, if you hit someones arm or hand while they are building their wall, they have to take one of their own cups away. By the same token, if you knock over their wall of cups, you have to eliminate one of your own cups. The rules differ from traditional beer pong in that there are no same cup eliminations. If that happens then the team has to drink two cups instead of just one. Also, if all 3 players get shots in, they can have the balls back. Now, the reason the game is called “Civil War” is because of what the players can do besides shooting. If the balls bounce off the table, they are fair game for anyone to grab. You can set your own rules on what is and isn’t allowed, but basically the players can fight for the ball. Whoever gets it, can shoot it. You are allowed to stand up to the middle of the table to block other players from getting the ball (just dont block the shot unless its a bounce), but once it is on the ground, you can chase it wherever it goes. If one player has all of their 6 cups eliminated, they can no longer shoot the balls, but can still defend against bounces, fight for the ball, and build the barricade up for their side. If that player successfully grabs a free ball, they can give it to one of heir teammates who can still shoot. This is a great game, but it should be played in an open space, away from anything valuable, because it can get very physical.
(Thanks Chris!)