Ginger Ball

7 cups of water 
2 or more ping-pong balls 
some way of marking the floor (i used electrical tape) 
and BEER!! 
Set Up
-Fill up 6 cups with water and set them up on the floor next to  
the wall in triangle fashion with about 2 or so inches in  
between each (also called a loose lesbion), and one cup of  
water somewhere outside the triangle. 
-now mark the floor with levels 1,2,3,and 7…1 being the closest  
to the cups and 7 being a damn near impossible shot. 
-No limit to amount of players, but every time someone  
makes a shot everyone else drinks. 
-Each player or team gets 2 shots total. 
-Each cup is worth 2 seconds of chugging beer. 
*(Do not remove cup when shot is made!!) 
-Each level decides what you will multiply that 2 seconds of  
chugging by. 
*(if you make a shot from level 2, that would be 2 seconds of  
chugging times level 2 making 4 second of chuging for the  
other players…shot from level 3 is 2 x 3 = 6 seconds of  
chugging etc…) 
-Remember that stray cup? That will be the finish your beer  
cup. It can only be made at level 3 and if someone makes it  
well…everyone else has to finish their beer. So dont make it  
too easy of a shot, unless if you just got done midterms hehe.  
Oh yeah and it must be a clean non bouncing shot. 
-Each level is worth 1,2,3, or 7 points. 
-First person to 15 wins. 
o o o 
o o o  

level 1: 
level 2: 
level 3: 
level 7: 
(Thanks Joe!)