This is a different version of “Cardinal Puff” that was created/modified by Russian fishermen in Alaska. I personally feel it is a much better version.
Rule #1 – Everyone starts sober (And for a real official game, everyone eats the same things and same amounts the day of said game).
Rule #2 – You puke or pass out, you’re out. No leaving the table (except to piss or puke)..
Rule #3 – No music, TV, or any other distractions.
Everyone (2-8 people)sits around a table (preferrably a glass one so everyone can see all movements).
You will need: One 16 ounce glass, one small hand towel, and LOTS of beer (or hard liquor, if you think you can handle it).
If there are newbies to the game, you can let them watch the veterans until they feel comfortable, but warn them that if they enter and mess up, they will start over and keep going until Rule #2 is applied.
The glass gets filled to the top. The first person starts, and says “The Carnipuff will now take his/her first drink of the evening.” He/she then takes his first (pointer) finger, and thumb, lifts the glass, and takes one drink (Better to take a big drink on the first one). He/she then sets the glass down with one tap on the towel. Then, left hand first, taps their pointer fingers on the table’s top edge(left hand, then right), then taps the underside of the table with their pointer fingers(left then right), then tap your knees with their pointer fingers(left then right). He/she then says “Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen. The Carnipuff-puff will now take his/her second drink of the evening.” With two fingers (pointer and middle) and thumb, they lift the glass, take two drinks, and set the glass down with two taps. Then, with the same two fingers, tap the top edge of the table twice(left hand, then right), underneath twice(left, left, then right, right), and knees twice(left, left, then right, right). They then say “Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen. The Carnipuff-puff-puff (3 puffs) will now take his/her third AND FINAL drink of the evening.” Then, with three fingers(pointer, middle and ring) and thumb on glass, take either 3 drinks or finish the glass(No more than 3 drinks on this consumage allowed). Then he/she sets it down with three taps on the towel, takes three fingers and taps three times on top of the table(left, left, left, then right, right, right), then the underside of the table and then their knees (3 times, three fingers, three taps). Then he/she says “Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen. ONCE A CARNIPUFF, ALWAYS A CARNIPUFF.” Then take the empty glass, tip it over and tap it on the towel, then tip right side up and tap.
If you have managed to do this all correctly (without major slurring, without forgetting the “AND FINAL”, with correct tapping, etc.) then the glass goes to the next person to the left. If, at any time, anyone sees a mistake, they are to immediately call it. A second opinion is nice, and even nicer is for the person who made the mistake to fess up. NO EXCUSES!! You made a mistake; drink the rest of the glass, fill up and try again!!! Once everyone gets in the groove, the game progresses from one person to the next fairly quickly. All of a sudden, a mistake will be made; more drinks consumed, and someone gets stewed. The last person to not puke or pass out is the Carnipuff champion!!
This drinking game, once learned, is the best drinking game I have ever known. Once, in a fierce showdown of drunkeness, my buddy and I both finished 26 beers before he puked right ON the table!! Needless to say, I am the reining champ.
Have patience when learning, have fun, and good luck!!!
(Thanks Brian)