Circle of Death (PA Version)

Grab as many players as possible, 3 to 6 are the best range of people. You place the cards face down in a circle. (this drinking game is played by suit)
Any person may start it doesnt matter. You flip over cards and place them into the center. Continue around the circle until someone gets a heart (which is automatically designated the beginning suit).
You count up the number of cards in the center including the heart and drink that many. When you are done drinking the designated amount of sips, you then must 1. call the next suit, 2. place down your glass, 3. then flip a card.
Should you place your cup down BEFORE you call a suit, you must drink the same amount again. If you do this twice in a row you must finish your drink. this continues until you get low on cards, where you will then take the used cards and create a circle around the drinking pile, and continue the game as such.
You get drunk, you win! You see everyone else get drunk, you win!
(Thanks Amy)