Top Gun

Top Gun is played while watching the movie “Top Gun.” Each player is assigned one or more call signs from the movie, such as Goose, Viper, or Iceman. Whenever that player’s call sign is said in the movie, the player must take a drink.  
If a player points out that another player missed a drink when his call sign is said, the offending player must finish his entire drink. Goal of the game is to survive watching the movie without passing out or throwing up. 
NOTE: Maverick is probably said twice as much or more than any other call sign in the movie. Players who don’t pick Maverick can choose more than one call sign to compensate, if they wish. 
Variation: everyone has to drink when certain actions take place, such as: 
– someone says “I’m switching to guns” 
– a song starts playing 
– a plane lands, takes off, or is blown up 
Variation: instead of assigning call signs to players, everyone drinks when Maverick, Iceman, Viper, Goose, or Cougar is said in the movie.
(Thanks Scott!)