Walker Texas Ranger

Here are my rules for a drinking game honoring my favorite guilty pleasure- Walker Texas Ranger. 
One Drink- 
-“Eyes of the Ranger” plays in the opening sequence. 
-a trip to CDs bar and grill 
-chase sequence 
-shows bad guys plotting in hideout 
-bad guy is roundhouse kicked in the face or stomache 
-Rangers get in fight while following a lead. 
-Anyone refers to “Ranger Headquarters” 
-Someone swings melee weapon at Walker or Travette. 
-Slow motion jump kick 
-bad guy gets kicked/shot and falls and breaks window/table 
-Fat man threatens walker. 
Two Drinks- 
-Walker gets called Cordell 
-Something blows up 
-a bar fight breaks out 
-Travette chases bad guy 
-Criminals threaten children or elderly / homeless people 
-Walker / CD / Travette impart wisdom on somebody. 
-Sydney kicks some ass. 
-Criminals wearing ski masks 
Three Drinks- 
-Walker kisses Alex. 
-Trip to Walker’s ranch. 
-Walker dons his karate attire. 
-Walker rides a horse. 
-Walker has a flashback of his indian heritage. 
Chug Your Drink- 
-Walker gets shot or someone lands a solid blow on him. 
-Walker cries. 
-Walker walks away from a fight.