Fuck the Dealer

What you need for Fuck the Dealer drinking game: deck of cards. 3 or more people. best with about 6.
How you start: someone grabs the deck and looks at the person to their left and says “guess.” person guesses a card in the deck (suit not necessary; just something like “7” or “Queen”). dealer looks at top card on the deck.
Rules: -if the person guessed the card right on his first try, the dealer drinks 10. -if hes wrong, the dealer says lets him know if he was too high or too low and the guesser has one more chance to get it right. -if he guesses right on his second try, dealer drinks 5. -if the guesser was wrong, he drinks the difference between what the card was and what he guessed. Next step: Once that person has either succesfully guessed, or guessed twice, the card is placed face up on the table in a place that will make it easy for all 13 numbers and faces can line up. -repeat process for next person in the circle.
For the dealer to get rid of the deck, he needs three people in a row to guess wrong. then he passes it to the person to his left and the game continues.
Why is it called fuck the dealer? cuz after two or three people have had the deal, the next person is gonna get fucked because theres basically no way 3 people in a row cant guess it right.