King of Beers (Midwest Version)

Any number of players (minimum 3) gather in a circle in a grassy area. In the direct center of the circle is a Budweiser can. Surrounding the Budweiser can are any number of various non-Budweiser cans. 
The members of the circle pass around a bowling ball each taking turns lobbing the bowling ball in a very high arc with the intent of it landing square on the Budweiser can, smashing it and thus becoming King of Beers and winning the game. However, this is very difficult to do and takes much practice.  
Invariably other cans are hit, and each of these cans has some sort of drinking value placed on it (depending on the perceived quality in comparison to the King of Beers – Budweiser). Drinking can also be differentiated on the quality of a hit.  
This game originated at Drury University in Springfield, MO and proved to be quite a vexing mystery for members of the grounds crew who found craters accompanied by smashed cans and bowling balls on Sunday mornings.
(Thanks J.)