Land Mines

This beer drinking game can be played with as little as two people.
All you need to play is a quarter, and two shot glasses. The game works best when using beer cans instead of beer bottles.
The first player takes a quarter and spins it on the table, then with one hand takes a shot of beer, sets the shot glass down, and with the same hand takes the next shot of beer, sets it down and then grabs the quarter before it is no longer spinning.
If the spinner is successfull then his turn is over and the next player goes. If the quarter stops spinng or spins off the table, the player must continue to spin and take shots of beer until he succeeds.
As the game goes on, you will acquire empty beer cans. When you have an empty you may place it anywhere on the table, including directly in front of your opponent. (if he spins the quarter it will bounce off a can and make it harder for him to successfully take his shots)
The drinking game is called landmines because with all the empty beer cans on the table, one can get confused as to which can he/she is drinking from. If caught picking up an empty beer can to drink from, the player must A. Chug the rest of their beer or B. Chug an entire beer.
(Thanks Mike)