Windell’s Quarters

First you have to have a lot of beer (we recommend at least 4 20 packs) and at least 4 players. You get about 5 different size cups. Normally, you get two small cups, 2 medium sized cups, and then one large sized mug or cup. You fill up each cup with beer to the rim. Then you get some quarters (probably the same amount of players, so each player has a quarter). Then you decide the order. The first person bounces their quarter against the table hoping to get into a cup. If you miss,the next person goes. If they make a cup, that person gets to choose who drinks the cup. Then it is the next persons turn. You continue to take turns and refill the cups until all the beer is gone. If a person shoots out of turn, their turn is skipped. If they shoot out of turn and make a cup, they have to drink that cup and lose their turn. The biggest rule is, this game is for drinkers, so once you take your first turn and bounce the quarter, you must stay in the game until all the beer is gone. When all the beer is gone, the game is over but you can go get more beer, if anyone can still play.
(Thanks Windell!)