Quick Fuck

Bloody easy 
Everyone gets in a circle, as many people as you like. 
Each person names themself a fuck name eg Quick fuck, easy fuck, hard fuck, rough fuck etc. 
Everyone throws their arms out infront of them into the middle of the circle, wiggling their fingers and yelling 
Pointing their hands back at themselves 
FUCK!! as you slap your thighs. Then from this point you slap your legs and clap in time.. 
Anyone can start and in time with the clap slap clap slap it goes as follows 
Your fuck, your fuck, how about a someone elses fuck.. 
Soo, Quick fuck quick fuck how about a hard fuck 
Then straight after that in time, hard fuck perosn would go ‘hard fuck hard fuck how about a rough fuck.. 
If you say a fuck that isnt there, get out of time or miss out completely you skull!
(Thanks Emmy!)