What you need of this game: 
Multiple Players 
A lot of beer 
A deck of cards 
Arrange twelve cards in a circle, resembling a clock face. Deal the rest of the cards out to all of the players. Aces are 1 in this game. 
One player flips over the clock at the 1 o’clock position. Whatever the card is, that card is worth one drink. Aces, in return, are worth whatever that card is. For instance, say a queen is drawn. A queen card would be worth 1 drink, an ace would be worth 12 drinks. Each player hands out the cards that are in there hand that are either what card was flipped, or the card that’s worth the numerical number of the clock hand that’s flipped to the other players. After all drinks are drank, the game moves on to 2 o’clock. Say a 3 is flipped. A “3” would be worth 2 drinks (since it’s 2 o’clock) and “2” cards would be worth 3 drinks (since that’s what card was flipped). The drinks are handed out and the game goes on.  
You’ll probably want to start this one out sober, as I’ve rarely ever finished a game!
(Thanks Matthew!)