Survivor Flip Cup

Inspired by massive and lengthy matches (i.e., 10 on 10, 15 on 15 – oh yes!), this game is played like traditional flip cup, with two teams chugging and flipping. The twist is thrown in when a team loses a round – they must then “elect” a member of their team to be eliminated from the game, and another player on the team must consume their beverage and perform the requisite flip. This person is often the weakest player or the cause of the loss of the last round.
The game then proceeds with players being eliminated each round and their teammates picking up the remaining drinks AND flips. Before long, everyone is consuming multiple beverages (except the cast-offs).
The winning team is the last one with players. The losing team’s Champion is often on the floor. A good twist is for the WINNING team to eliminate a player from the losing team.
(Thanks Mike)