Kings (Travellers version)

same as all other full deck of cards , minus the two jokers , Scatter the deck of cards around an empty LARGE cup. Only one deck needed, but we suggest two if you are more than 4 people !! 
2 – Nominate (You nominate 2 drinks to one person or 1 drink each to 2 people)  
3 – Nominate (same as card 2 , except with 3 drinks to hand out) 
4 – Nominate (same as card 2 & 3 , except 4 drinks to hand out) 
5 – Make a rule ( all rules stay until the end of the game) 
6 – Rap or Rhyme (rap or rhyme ,first person to mess up drinks) 
7 – Rule of thumbs 
8 – Names of (eg: cars , every one has to name a type of car and the first person to mess up drinks … can make this one really difficult , eg: names of words starting with the letter z ) 
9 – Piss or Puke ( are not allowed to leave the table at any point during the game , unless you have this card , so if you need to piss or puke …. Got to do it where you are , you are aloud to sell this card to another player … you set your price !! ) if a person leaves without this card , the rest of the table must agree on his/her penalty) 
10 – Make or break a rule ( can break a rule that was made by some one or you can make a new one to add to the other rules, no breaking of the house rules or card rules ) 
Jack – Waterfall (consecutive drinking , all start at the same time , only stop when the person to your left or right stops, depends on which side the card holder nominated , left or right ) 
Queen – Bitch (you drink)  
King – Centre Glass (poor a portion of your drink , however big into the centre glass , person who picks up the last king must down it all ) 
Ace – Charades ( one round of charades ) 
House Rules:  
• Mob rules – majority always rules , if they say drink when or if you messed up , you listen ) 
• Drink while you think – no time to be slow if u get stuck at any point …. keep drinking till you think of something ) 
• Empty your bladder before you start playing  
• Have a couple of drinks handy in reaching distance  
• With the first 3 nominate cards , unless you are a daemon , we suggest you just take large sips if you get nominated instead of drinking your entire drink or having a shot )  
(Thanks Gillian)