This is a fun game we invented while camping and couldn’t think of anything to play. 
2 or more players, standard 52 card deck 
4 viewable cards are dealt to each player, with the remaining deck dealt facedown in the middle of the table.  
The player selected to go first may either discard and draw 1 new card, or challenge. If they discard, the next player (to the left) has the same 2 options. If the player chooses to challenge, they call out who they’d like to challenge and that player may do 1 of two things. They may either accept the challenge and add up their four cards according to the scoring, with the winner having the highest score. They may also choose to “snatch” as we called it, and this is done by discarding the two lowest scoring cards, drawing a card from the draw pile, and a random card from the challenger’s hand. The challenger then must draw a new card and the hands are scored. 
2-10 are worth their numerical value (i.e. 4 is 4 points) 
jacks, queens, kings are worth 15 points 
aces are worth 20 points. 
Additional information: 
We thought this game was captivating because a good hand could be sabotaged if the person challenged “snatched” your ace or face card. Because we were camping, we also decided that whenever a challenge was lost, the defeated player should take a drink from their ale, although we later played without alcohol and it was still very fun. 
(Challenge was invented by Brandon and Melissa.)