Kings Poker

The following rules apply to the winning hand: 
Royal Flush: extra $10 000 chips 
Straight Flush: extra $5 000 chips 
Four of a Kind: Beer Bong. Do a beer bong of 1+ drinks. 
Full House: Ask anyone a truth or dare question 
Flush Spades: Questions: Person asks anyone a question, that person in turn has to ask a different person a different question. This is a rapid exercise. The first person to screw up has to Skull. 
Flush Clubs: Choose any person to Skull. 
Flush Diamonds: Categories: Pick a category, for example cars. The 1st person names something to do with cares, then the next person. This goes on until someone messes up by saying something that has already been named or they can’t think of anything. That person skulls. 
Flush Hearts: Bust a rhyme: say a sentence that can easily be rhymed with. The next person has to make a sentence that rhymes with it. First person to screw up skulls. 
Straight Ace-10: pick a mate: chose someone to drink with you, he will be your drinking buddy until the end of the game. 
Straight: Waterfall: Person who gets it starts to skull. You can’t stop skulling until the person before you in the order stops. It benefits you to be sitting next to the person who pulled this card. The person at the end is screwed. 
Baby straight Ace-5: Thumb master. Can place thumb on there chin when ever they like, the last person to place there thumb on there chin has to drink. 
3 of a kind: Make a Rule: You make a rule that everyone has to abide until the next person gets 3 of a kind and makes another rule. 
2 Pair: all guys drink 
Pair: all girls drink 
High card: You drink
(Thanks Ferret!)