Walk The Line

Similar to quarters, with a twist. Any number of players can play, the more the merrier. You’ll need at least 4 shot glasses(more can be used if you’re a glutton for punishment) and the booze of your choice(ie. Tequila, beer, vodka, rum). Set the glasses in a straight line, one behind the other. The object is to bounce your quarter into one of the glasses. If the quarter lands in the first glass, then the shooter decides who takes the drink. If it lands in the 2nd glass, then the drinker must drink the 2nd and the first glass. If it lands in the third, then drink it and all before it. After each successful make, the glasses are refilled and the shooter continues till he misses. The more glasses you use, the larger the number of shots you might have to take. For extra punishment, each shot glass can be filled with a different liquor just to increase the pain. WARNING, be sure to keep a bucket near by. Game is over when you run out of liquor, no one can bounce the quarter straight, or everyone passes out. Drink ON!.
(Thanks AJ)