Vegas F.U.B.A.R.

This drinking game is much like KINGS, but the rules vary. You MUST have at least 4 people playing.
If You Draw:
2: Take two drinks
3: Take three drinks
4: Make a rule(ex. if you dirnk w/ your right hand you must drink again) your rule stands until the next 4 is drawn
5: Give 5 drinks (can be split up between two people)
6: I’ve Never: Name something you’ve never done (Try to involve sex) whoever has done it has to drink
7: THUMBMASTER!! the thumbmaster may place his or her thumb on the table at any time until the next 7 is drawn, whoever puts their thumb down last must drink
8: Categories- Name a type of product(ex: types of cars) everyone must name a product in that category(BMW,Ford) this goes around the group until someone messes up and has to drink.
9: Rhyme: say a word or phrase, the next person must ryhme with it, this also keeps going until someone stalls or messes up.
10: Waterfall!!!
Jack: Go back
Queen: Girls Drink
King: Guys Drink
Ace: Social everyone drinks