This drinking game is simple, but fun. You start out by standing in a circle with at least 6 people. You will need a deck of cards and a lot of booze. Choose someone as the thrower, who will throw the entire deck of cards into the middle of the circle. The thrower will then call out a number and a suit, and whoever finds that card first shouts out BANGCOCK!
Whichever card the person finds is how many seconds they have to drink. (For example if a person finds a 10 they have to drink for ten seconds; jack-11 queen-12 king-13 A-14)The thrower gets in on the game if they repeat a card that they have already called out. (after a while it can get you pretty fucked up =D)Eventually you will go through about 52 rounds. 
This drinking game should get you pretty fucked up!
(Thanks Christine, Amanda & Jess!)